Nitrous Oxide

To safely perform certain dental procedures for young children, nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas), may be recommended for your child.  This is used primarily to help your child relax during the procedure.   It allows them to be awake for the entire procedure as well.

Nitrous oxide is a mix of nitrous and oxygen that is used to help achieve a relaxed state by simply breathing in through a mask which will sit on top of your child’s nose.  Nitrous oxide is safe and, if needed, the effects are simply adjusted and quickly reversible.  A 10 minute oxygen flush will be completed after the procedure to help the effects wear away.   Your child will then be able to go about their day as normal.



In some cases, other forms of sedation may be recommended. If ever needed, we will thoroughly discuss these case by case to give you full options of the best recommended treatment for your child.